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Christian Symbolism in the Land of Narnia

Residents Of Narnia

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Few residents of Narnia are symbolic of anyone in the Christian world. However, their names are symbolic of qualities in them or they have a religious context.
1) Lucy
- She carries the name of an Italian Saint. Saint Lucy was the patron Saint of a town called Narni. This was the town from which C.S. Lewis took the name from for his land.
- The name Lucy itself means 'Light'. The Lucy in the novels could be considered the light of the good side during the war.
2) Edmund
- He is symbolic of normal believer. He makes some mistakes and nearly pays the ultimate price for them. This is same any convert to Christianity who must be 'rescued' from spiritual dangers by a savior.
-The normal translation for the name, Edmund is 'Rich Protector'. He embodies these qualities by being a protector of those he cares about and realizing that he is rich when it concerns those he protects.
3) Susan
- She does not represent more than a mother in LLW and a typical teenage girl in the later books.
- The name Susan simply means 'Lily'. This could mean that she is either supposed to be as delicate and fragile as some flowers or as hardy as others is based on the situation she finds herself in.
4) Peter
- Peter in the Bible is generally considered to be  the leader among the disciples. He was given the role by Jesus himself so that he could lead the young church after Jesus left. Peter in CON is also the leader of the children and was made high king of Narnia by Aslan,
- The name Peter means 'Rock'. He takes on this quality by being the 'rock' around which others rally around in times of need.
5) Eustace
- The character of Eustace closely resembles the character of Edmund. Both need to 'wake-up' to the faults of their natures and try to correct them. Both also go through times which require them to make huge sacrifices. For Eustace this comes when he is turned into a dragon in VDT and has to be left behind by his friends. Like others he is rescued by Aslan.
- The name Eustace has the meaning of 'fruitful'. This meaning is  not deeply explored within the seven books.
6) Jill
-She is another character that has simiarities to Edmund. She starts out messing up an assigment given to her by Aslan and ends up as a capable young woman.
-The name Jill is considered a short form of the name Jillian. This name means 'Youthful'. This could refer to either the way she acts of the way she thinks.

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November 16, 2006