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Christian Symbolism in the Land of Narnia


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The Stone Knife
This knife was the knife used to kill Aslan in LWW. This knife was then placed on a stone table where, in VDT, it is used to put someone to sleep. This person was a nobleman who was arguing with another nobleman. Taking the knife from the table constitutes an act of sacrilege. The sleep would then become a punishment for disturbing something deemed sacred. The knife itself is comparable to the spear which was used to pierce the side of Jesus during the Crucifixion.
Aslan's Country
This place lies beyond the stable door in LB. It is where everyone goes to after the end of Narnia. Not all stay there after the judgment by Aslan. It is has no limits and is considered to be more beautiful than Narnia would ever be. The closest religious comparison would be heaven.
Narnia has it's Jesus in the form of Aslan and it also has it's version of the devil. This being is in the form of the Calormen god Tash. He is monstrous in form with twenty talons, four arms and a vulture's head. The devil in Christian symbolism is depicted as monstrous in various mixtures of animals, depicting the worst qualities of all. He is also a cruel god with a taste for human blood. This again refers to the devil. At the end he is banished to his 'own place', which is un-named but is taken to be hell.


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