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Christian Symbolism in the Land of Narnia


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The Lion of Narnia

Aslan can be considered symbolic of Jesus. There are many examples of this symbolism.

1) He is present at the creation of the world.

- In MN Aslan sings Narnia into being himself.

- In the Bible Jesus is considered to be part of the Holy Trinity present at the creation on the world.

2) Aslan was also present at the end of Narnia, which takes place in LB.

- Aslan's return and the fake Aslan herald the end of Narnia. After the end he judges everyone and sends them to their appointed place.

- The return of Jesus and the apperance of the anti-Christ will herald the end of this world. There will also be a judgement at the end of this world. Those judged will be sent to heaven or hell.

3) Aslan's self-sacrifice

- Aslan sacrificed himself to save Edmund from being killed by Jadis. This sacrifice aided his side and eventually allowed them to achieve victory over the White Witch. His death was not permanent. He came back to life the day after his death.

- Jesus sacrificed himself to save everyone from evil. This sacrifice also will aid the side of good in the final war. He rose after three days of being placed in the tomb.


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November 16, 2006