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Christian Symbolism in the Land of Narnia

Other Animals of Narnia

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1) Deer
- These animals symbolizes the souls thirst for something, like salvation. This idea is from the Bible.
-In CON the deer, especially the White Stag also sybolizes a thirst for something. The White Stag for example, can grant wishes if it is captured.
2) Dogs
-To Christianity dogs are faithfull and vigilant.
- In CON dogs are also seen to have these two virtues.
3) Dragons
-Dragons in the Bible are generally are considered the embodiment of evil
- In CON dragons are no less evil than any of the other animals in Narnia. They are given the special job of rounding up all Narnians at the end of the world.
4) Horses
- Horses are generally considered to embody many of humanities good qualities. If a horse was mixed with any other animal then the new creature would take on the qualities of both animals. The exception to this would be the centaur, which takes on the symbolism of the nature of the conjoined qualities bf both creatures.
- In CON horses, for C.S. Lewis, embody the best in humanities natural desires. Horse/amimal mixes also appear. Most noteworthy are the winged horses, unicorns and centaurs. The centaurs personify the coming together of spiritual and physical sides of human nature.


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November 16, 2006